Story Telling - a Tool for Teachers

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Story Telling – A Tool for Teachers Learning is an unending process and especially for people from teaching fraternity, continuous learning is just unavoidable. It was not many years back when, as students we were learners. As students we all have portrayed our teachers to be an icon and followed the ideologies of our favorite teachers. I always wondered what makes a teacher so special that we cannot afford to keep them out of our mind however high we reach. I believe, it is the art of engaging the students in the learning process that marks a remarkable experience for them as learners. This simultaneously marks the performance of the teacher in the class. We all are aware of the famous quote from Shakespere’s work ‘As You Like It’, “All the world’s a stage and all men and women mere players”. Well, for a teacher it is true in class. As a class is ‘the stage’ for the teachers and they are the ‘mere actors’. The students’ motivation to learn the subject lies with the act one performs in a class to stimulate learning. Story telling is one such means through which the teachers enhance ones performance in class. I remember there were instances where I imagined my teacher to be some sort of hero. He was able to solve all issues that cropped up and his contacts with people were just what we thought, “we wanted”. What plays a major role to influence a student is how a teacher expresses through the means of stories. Stories are not always required to be the real time or facts. Mere anecdotes and short stories which carry certain lessons are a success to the learning process of students. David Owen in his work ‘Best Teacher I ever had’ narrates his school days experience to explain unlocking the mental lock of students. A teacher during a lecture explains a creature called ‘Cattywampus’ and gives all information on it to the students. Later on when he quizzed the
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