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The Story of My Life I recently attended the Van Wert Civic Theatre to not only watch, but study the production The Story of My Life. I have personally never attended a play with only two people in it, but I must say that Larry Keltner and Doug Grooms really pulled it off. The plot of the play began in a small town funeral chapel. Thomas Weaver, played by Larry Keltner, opened by reciting the eulogy of a recently deceased friend Alvin Kelby, played by Doug Grooms. “We gather here today to remember our friend Alvin.” These were the only words that Thomas had written down for the eulogy. So, this is what centered the story line of the production. The ghost of Alvin had come to help Thomas finish his eulogy by grabbing stories from his father’s book store. The stories would create flash backs that the two actors would sing about while showing the audience what happened. This storyline was very entertaining and held my attention throughout the entire play. Alvin and Thomas put so much detail into every story that they retold, which made me feel like I was part of each flashback. The plot was continually making me guess for what was about to happen next, or which story would be told next. But one question remained in my mind even after the production was finished, why did Alvin go over the bridge and die? Did he kill himself? Did he fall? I think that the director did not have this story put in the play because he wanted Alvin to be remembered for the happy things that happened in his life and for the good person he was, not for his death. Since there were only two characters in this production, each had a big part to play. In the beginning, Thomas was naïve about his past experiences and what to say about Alvin. I feel like as the play went on Thomas grew more as a person. (Or in other words, flat character at first, but rounded as the play went on.) He was

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