Story Of Bluebeard

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Curiosity Killed the Cat After reading the four short stories, the proverb “curiosity killed the cat” seemed to echo through my head. This proverb is meant to teach us that if you are too interested in things you should not be interested in, you may be causing yourself problems by trying to find out things you don't need to know. If curiosity is used foolishly it can result in a negative outcome, for example, Bluebeard’s wife wanting to find what is in the forbidden room in “Bluebeard”, the heroine entering the forbidden room in “The Bloody Chamber, and Sally who is overly curious and wants to know every detail about her husband in “Bluebeard’s Egg”. In comparison, if curiosity is used wisely it can result in a positive outcome, for example, the woman in “The Key” presents curiosity as something positive in her seminars and encourages the women not to settle for the unknown but to fight for the truth. In the short story, “Bluebeard” by Charles Perrault, curiosity gets Bluebeard’s wife in a great deal of trouble. Bluebeard gives his wife all of the keys to the house that would allow her access to all rooms but he has one stipulation and that is that she is not to enter the forbidden closet. Eventually Bluebeard’s wife gives in to her own curiosity and opens the room to find a room full of dead women. This short story is an example of curiosity used foolishly. First of all, Bluebeard’s wife is forewarned that if she disobeys his order he will be full of anger and resentment. Second of all, Bluebeard’s wife has everything that she needs and has no good reason to find out what is in the room. Lastly, she let temptation take over her normal judgment. Since Bluebeard’s wife used curiosity negatively, she risks facing a negative outcome. In the short story, “The Bloody Chamber” by Angela Carter the heroine is also tempted by curiosity and pays a price for it. While
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