Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

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In the nineteenth century Americans had a different way of thinking, when it came to the idea of respect and freedom. It was not inhumane to own another human or treat your wife like a maid. Partially because of the lack of women’s rights, society easily manipulated and conformed females. This analysis applies to Louise Mallard, a main character in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopins, a wife who is unsatisfied with her marriage and is looking for freedom outside her household. Louise Mallard learns her husband Brently Mallard apparently was killed in a train accident. Every time she looks out the window it is sweet bliss, blue skies, clouds and trees everything you can imagine that represents a sense of order. . This is why when Ms. Mallard stares out the window for most of the story it is symbolic, representing freedom and opportunity. Like any other typical wife Louise became upset that this tragic event occurred to her husband; because Brently was a kind man and loving husband. At the same time, Ms. Mallard gets a feel of relief because she yearns for independence from her marriage, to feel free from oppression and fulfill her dreams of freedom. Ms. Mallard has heart problems which we learn at beginning of the story, she becomes excited when she finds out about the death of her husband. When Louise looks upon her situation as a new woman she becomes filled with joy and has a new outlook. This gets Ms.Mallards weak heart flows blood pumps again which was previously unheard of because of her heart condition. She also realized the freedom she has gained from the passing of her husband can make a difference, pertaining to her becoming a new woman. When Ms. Mallard sees her husband that she thought was died in the beginning of the story, she becomes overwhelmed and she dies of a heart attack. It is cynical that the doctor states Ms. Mallard dies from a “happy
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