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Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Essay

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  • on November 19, 2011
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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin presents the life of Louise Mallard in an hour. In this one particular hour her life changes from who she is to what she can be. The hearing of her husband’s death gives her a new life in which she finds her new self. Upon hearing about the death she goes to her room alone. In her room, she discovers a new self and to the readers it presents another character from the every day Mrs. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard’s patriarchal marriage and the death of Mr. Mallard lead her to a sudden realization of self-assertion. As a result of her self-assertion, her death is may have been caused by her husband being alive, joy of her new self, or her heart condition. Mrs. Mallard’s patriarchal marriage and her views on love becomes an important part of her self-assertion which leads to her two characters: Louise and Mrs. Mallard. Her death is an unknown cause and is not clear to the reader but could have been caused by the patters of event that occurred in an hour.
Mrs. Mallard was in a patriarchal marriage and the marriage took away her freedom. Her view of love is not important than her self-assertion. A patriarchal marriage not based on love but based on the mediaeval European concept. Self-assertion is seem “as the strongest impulse of her being” (2) is a married person’s view and is part of her incompatible with marriage. Mrs. Mallard sees her marriage as a trap which she cannot get out of and keeps her from expressing her freedom, which she has little. When she hears about Bentley’s death she goes to her room alone and can be implied she had no friends to support her or to go after her for comfort. This restricts how much of freedom she had when she was married. The reader can imply she was not a social person and if she was friends would have been there to support her. Mrs. Mallard was not deeply upset upon hearing the news and does not, at any point, become extremely sad instead she sees it as an opportunity and doesn’t mind that her husband...

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