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Story of an Hour Essay

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  • on May 6, 2013
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Kate Chopin's Tone in “The Story of an Hour”

“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is a very brief story which is able to demonstrate an exemplary use of tone in a very concise manner. The short story is able to bring about a questioning of marriage. While, in most stories, marriage is often romanticized, Chopin steps out of the orthodox and brings us a story that draws attention to the restraints marriage places on women. The way Mrs. Mallard reacts and feels in contrast to what the other characters believe is occurring truly gives the story an ironic tone, as well as using various different kinds of irony such as dramatic irony and cosmic irony.
Cosmic irony makes various appearances through inevitable human error . “The Story of an Hour” takes place in the late 1800s. As to be expected from the late 1800s, sources of information aren't particularly reliable. Even in the current 2000s, news sources are also sometimes unreliable. It is an unavoidable human error, as people cannot know exactly what happened. Thus, it is understandable that Mr. Mallard was mistaken for dead. The most proficient method of sending and receiving information back then was, as exemplified in the story, the telegraph. It was when, “He had...to assure himself of its truth by a second telegraph...” (342) that the inefficient system was heavily trusted at the time. It is not the fault of the characters that the information was not true. It was something that could have occurred to anyone about anything, such as the weather. Not only that, but if the telegraph or human interference hadn't occurred at all then Mrs. Mallard never would have thought her husband was dead. Either way, Mrs. Mallard would have been spared from her sudden death. Regardless, the consequences for the unavoidable circumstances were cosmic for Mrs. Mallard and Mr. Mallard, who had no way of properly contacting his wife or even knowing people thought him dead, and walked unknowingly into his house and watched his...

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