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Story of an Hour I had not expected the irony, the twisted end that this story entailed. As the title its self, it was a story that took a toll within an hour. Life altering decisions and/or actions can take little as minutes; an hour was all it took for whole life story to be told. After weeping for the death of her husband for less than a few minutes, Mrs. Mallard had locked herself in her room when she had heard of this terrible news. Mrs. Mallard thoughts wondered and she begun to go over the tragic event on the death of her husband and how the rest of her life was affected by heartbreaking news. For many people it may take months maybe even years to come to terms with a love ones death let alone overcome such devastating incident. For Mrs. Mallard it took merely an hour to come to the conclusion that the death of her husband was the best unexpected catastrophe that ever happened to her. She felt free, this was something she didn’t dwell on too long to realize she felt peace in her life. After her sister Josephine asked her to open the door several times, Mrs. Mallard eventually opened the door; she grabbed her sister by the waist and came down her stairs as happy as she could be. No sooner after she had taken this shocking attitude towards her husband’s death, did her presumed dead husband Brently Mallard walk in through the door, he fines his joyful wife, dead, doctor’s declared cause of death to be heart disease, it was as if the distasteful joy she felt for her “dead” husband killed her. The tragic irony, the peace in her heart from the death of her husband, only to be found death from supposed dead, Mr. Mallard, caused by a heart

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