Story Of a Salesman Essay

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This is the story of a man, a man who sold his soul or rather I should say his “Atma saman” In pure terms to earn his livelihood. A man hailing from U.P, Meerut near a village named Kasau Mahola, Sabzi mandi, lives a life of a real “Bechu” A person, who had to against all odds sell his soul at a mere age of 8 years. VEER SINGH (60 Years old) In 24 years of my life I have seen salesman ringing door bells, calling on my phone, irritating me, but never have I met a salesman who celebrates life, through its hardships. At the age of 8 years as he was born in the Valmiki caste, from the beginning of his childhood years, Sweeper was the only job that he was meant to do all his life, as the society had already set the norms for him, chosen the path of his life. At a mere age of 8 years, Veer singh started his first job as a sweeper, cleaning cow dung in villages and sweeping roads. Studies were never an option as he was born in the Valmiki caste. After a few years he started working in a Sugar crushing shop in which sugar was converted into jaggery. He worked there for 12 years until the time came when shops were replaced by mills, which left him with no other option but to switch to a different occupation. For 27 long years his occupation was, a cycle richshaw wallah, in Meerut with a daily earning of Rs.35 per day, it was not much but there was content in his life, which is important. 27 years later he came to the city of dreams, not with dreams in his eyes, or to become something big, but to earn livelihood, to live life not in a grand way, but to live life the way it is. For the past 12 years he is working as a sweeper in Hiranandani gardens, powai, Mumbai. Today he earns Rs.10, 280 which are not too much but not too little as well. I asked him one simple question: Me: Is 10,280 enough? Veer Chacha: Zindagi main paisa toh kabhi poora padta he nahi, par maine

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