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The Dance We have a...relationship. A complicated one. It's this game we play, a song we sing... A Dance. He says hello. I smile falsely back. And so begins the Dance. It's dangerous, this Dance. It can be painful. But it's thrilling. Oh, so thrilling. We flirt. He tries some of those cheesy pickup lines that have never worked. We Dance. We tell tales. False ones, of course. Compete. Who's the better Dancer this time? Who will win this sick little game of ours? It's tiring, this Dance. The lies, the smiles... It's all just a game. A Dance. There is a fine line between love and hate, let me tell you. We both crossed it a long time ago. The trouble is, I'm not exactly sure which side I'm on anymore. Ridiculous, isn't it? I know I'm not her. He knows he's not him. Not the one I really want. It's a Dance... but I think I've got the wrong partner. It's wrong, what we do. We both know it. We'll end up hurt, and it'll be all our fault. But it's addicting. Oh, so addicting. And then one day, my smiles seem a little more real. My words are a little more sweet, my gaze less harsh. And maybe I'm imagining it, but it seems like his are, too...and strangely, I hope I'm not imagining it, that is. It seems like our twisted game, this game that we play; the Dance that we had mastered so easily...had an upside after all. Surprising, right? And it's like neither of us won. It was inevitable, really. The Dance always wins. Always. The question is: What does it do…and does it hurt? And it does hurt, a little. But just a little. I think I'm a little sore...because there was no better Dance. In the end, we both fell. Hard. And maybe it's not so bad. But it's not right. We don't belong together. This Dance has only just begun. It's another round, a new beat; but not over yet. I wonder how this ends...and then I realize that it probably never will. And then I wonder

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