the story of Giant Rag Eaters

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since the beginning of man, women have had periods, thus is the continuation of man. the conundrum of course is that during the menstral cycle of a woman, man is hesitant to pleasure women with cunnilingus, which as many women can attest, is deeply satisfying and gratifying as the man is now in a position of servitude as well as subordination. the pleasure is multi-pronged. Many of the world's greatest civilizations have crumbled from the struggle for what became known as rag eating; the trojans, the romans, the germanians (surpassed by the prussians who would later be categorized as GIANT RAG EATERS), as well as the mayans, the aztecs, and the antlantians. The list truly does go one, but the night is late and I'm trying to read an analysis on the film V for VEndetta which I just watched because I don't know what the fu(k happened... How was V created? Was it the plague that caused a metaphysical change in his body? or was he always what he was.. and what exactly was he? he took a torrent of bullets in the end, many of which landed in his legs and arms which would leave most men's appendages uselss, but within the second and a half it takes most highly trained tactical operators to reload a pistol, he dispatched some 10 or so guys. I guess he DID walk out of a burning complex after all his skin was melted off. Who was he too? Wasn't Evey's father, I mean she did kiss him and he allowed it, there was clearly a romantic desire which he knew he could not give into (his schlong had probably been burned off, or beyond use). As well, every character shown to be wronged by the High Chancellor such as the lesbian girl valerie and her lover, and the gay tv host guy were there at the end, as well as the girl with the glasses. was that to say every story of wrong by the government was a fabrication by V to win the favor of Evey, the people, as well as the viewer? that
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