Story for My Teacher Essay

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Igor Drápala .... It wasn´t a nice view. My big mistake was that I didn´t get out of the bus the very moment I saw the drunk driver coming out of the bar. At first, people took it as a good joke when the driver had said: „ Are you ready folks, let´s hit the road“, but then they shockingly realized that he was serious. He shut the door and we all were trapped in that ancient blue coffin. There was nothing we could do but stay in our seats and hope that we will survive what was meant to be the most frightening trip by bus in our whole lives. Everybody stayed calm in spite of the fact that there was nothing routine about the journey and we could hardly talk about rosy prospects for the near future. Things changed when one passenger couldn´t stand this situation anymore. I held my breath as he swiftly jumped out of his seat, pushed me aside on his way to the front. He fiercely grabbed the driver by the shoulder and was desperately trying to gain control over the bus. Meanwhile it started dangerously moving from one side of the road to the other. You can imagine how I felt when I saw the cliffs, we were passing along that were dropping vertically down to the depth, from the window. The only thing I was able to do was to shout at others to move to the opposite side to keep the bus balanced. Those two were still savagely fighting behind the steering wheel and we were moving sluggishly back to the inner side of the road. Even though the moments scared hell out of me I glanced at Paul and I started to laugh. There was something funny about him. This tough person, known for his cold attitude to anything religious, was on his knees and humbly spluttering Lord´s Prayer. That was the last moment I remember. Since then I couldn´t recall a single memory. I came around on the floor when everything was over. Paul told me what happened when I

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