The story of a chivalrous person

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When the protagonist, Sanyo Lee wakes up, he sees his aunt in front of him. His aunt blames him for doing nothing every day, so she tells Sanyo get off the bed and go out to reception guests. There are three people of the Miao nationalities in the inn, they charter the entire inn. Sanyo Lee thinks them maybe the brothers, and he goes to the downstairs, and his aunt tells Sanyo drive away the drunkard who lies near the door, and goes to the kitchen to bring the food and drink to the guests. The drunkard says to Sanyo Lee: “please just give a little, is that ok, I am so thirsty!” Sanyo Lee does not know what to say to the poor man. So, he just brings the meals to the guests first. When Sanyo Lee gives meals to the three people, they say: “the beer taste very bad, we don’t want it, you can hold it.” Sanyo Lee holds the bear and gives the bear to the drunkard, and he wants him to drink a little so that he can go away immediately. But the drunkard drinks up; Sanyo Lee tells him to pay for that. The drunkard says: “fine, for that I’ll teach you a type of sword-plays, and I’ll see you at temple named Mountain God this evening.” When the drunkard goes away, Sanyo’s aunt tells him to get to the market for some fresh lobsters. Sanyo Lee is a poor boy, when he was young, his parents are all dead, and so he lives with his aunt. He likes to play sword-play and Kung Fu, but no one teaches him how to play it very well. So, his aunt gave him a wooden sword, he took it as a treasure, he always played it for many hours very day. Now, he is already eighteen years old, and he wants to walk out where he lives and widen his field of vision, but he hasn’t decided to leave yet, so he always stays at home and lies on his bed. His aunt is an honest person, and she opens an inn to make some money for herself and Sanyo to live. Because this place where they live is very far from SuZhou

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