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St. John’s College ENG 240-2 20-09-2012 “I know. But nothin’ lasts here, Beka,” her Gran answered. Her eyes looked funny. “Things bruk down.” “Ah wonder why? Beka asked. The above quotation was taken from chapter three, page sixteen where we can understand how it is that the residents of Belize City thought about their living situation and the situation of the country as a whole. This small conversation is between Beka and her grandmother Ivy where Beka asks what happened to a prestigious doctor that lived there. Granny Ivy’s response is one of disappointment and truth since she saw how there was not much opportunity in Belize and her idea or view of the situation was that one had to leave Belize in order to become successful since Belize was not one of those fast moving, well developed countries. “Stop that crying, Beka. Get tough. Be strong like London with all those bombs falling. Our boys aren’t crying over there, they’re fighting so we can be free.” This second quotation is taken from chapter four, page twenty two which is a short conversation that takes place between Beka and her father Bill Lamb. Here we see that war was taking place in the European countries. We can understand from this conversation that residents of Belize felt a little proud and felt they could keep their heads high knowing that some of their own people were providing aid in the war. This brought about a sense of hope and encouragement to the residents and somehow allowed them to better themselves and they felt they too could help by being strong like the soldiers and nurses in the war. “What are we going to do, Beka? You are growing wild like that bougainvillea that’s breaking down Miss Boysie’s fence. All flash and no

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