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A SHORT STORY ON DETERMINATION By- Vikalp Pande (4276) F.Y (B) No one had thought that one day Varun would get into the Indian Army, clearing the written exam and the S.S.B in his first attempt. A very lean personality with drooping shoulders, due to his dedication made himself as tough as a rock. He got interested to enter the Indian Army just two months before the exam was held. While we were on our daily jogging route, we saw some huge trucks standing near the Cantonment area. “Let’s check out what’s going on”, and we stopped to look into the matter. Serious training exercise was going on, and Varun got extremely excited. Guns, knives, horse riding and rope climbing, I do not know since when he had been fascinated by these. Whether watching those army men doing their training aroused his interest or was it his childhood dream to go into the army remains a mystery. I was although aware that Varun had always wanted a life which was full of adventure, and most of all away from home. He had started working towards becoming an army man. He started to exercise daily and on a regular basis. His most important advantage was that he was very thin, he didn’t need to lose weight instead he just required to get his body shaped up. The most difficult part for him was to strengthen his left arm. He had met with an accident which caused his arm a severe muscle pull, due to which his left arm had very little strength as compared to his right arm. He joined a boxing club, to give extra attention to his arm. First few weeks went in agony. His arm used to pain, but he wouldn’t miss a single boxing class. Though a little slow but at last his hard work paid. We could see a difference in his arm. His punches were quicker and powerful, the pain of his arm had also reduced. His coach asked him to do push ups using his left hand only. Following week his left

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