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I’m sitting with you for interval,” a voice declares at my elbow level. I glance sideways, spotting Sylvia fighting the crowds on my left hand side. “Where are your people?” I ask. “I just felt like a change,” Sylvia replies airily. “I still hate you, by the way.” “I’ve decided I’m going to take that as a given until you inform me that you no longer do. You don’t need to keep saying it.” “Good,” Sylvia says, walking into my path. I hold her off. “You’re forgetting, Sylviachan, that I’m bigger and therefore stronger than you.” “No, you’re just bigger.” “Oh, you did not.” “Yeah, I did.” I steer her into the garden, just to make my point. I don’t really mind Sylvia. She may be annoying as hell sometimes but she’s like the little sister I never had. Not that I’d ever tell her that, of course. “Lisa darling,” Ruby greets me as I approach the pair of tables occupied by my peeps. “Ruby,” I say, dropping my bag unceremoniously on the concrete. “Are you going into town after school?” Today’s Thursday. Not only Thursday, but a Week 2 Thursday. We finish at 1.20pm, the boys finish at 1pm. Subsequently, everyone goes into town. “Yeah, with the guys.” “Ooh, guys eh?” Ruby says curiously. “Yeah, Patrick and Nathaniel.” “Lisa,” Rose says. “Are you going towning with Patrick and Nathaniel after school?” “That’s what I just said.” “Can I come?” I hesitate. “Rose,” Risharne interrupts. “You’re going with me and Ben, aren’t you?” “Oh yeah…” Crisis averted. “Who are Patrick and Nathaniel?” Sylvia asks, kicking me. “Friends of mine…” Sylvia cocks her head, in that thoughtful way she does before saying something evil. “Isn’t Nathaniel the one you liked most of last year?” ”Pretty much, yeah.” Irritated that her question didn’t get much of a reaction, she tries again. “Do you still like him?” “What is the purpose behind your line of questioning?” ”Just

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