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Short story It was a cold Monday morning in December. I woke in my hard, cold bed. Unwillingly, I dragged myself out of bed into the bitter cold bathroom. The old marble floor was freezing cold, as cold as ice from the glacier since the heating was not working and father could not afford to fix it. I came back to my bedroom and flicked the light switch on, the lights flickered on and the light was very dim, I couldn’t see much but I managed to get dressed for school. After I got dressed I ran to my old wooden window and opened it. A gush of freezing cold air rushed into the room making me shiver. I looked at the dark sky. This is exactly why I don’t like winter. Cold nights, dark mornings and we can’t afford any heating to protect us from the cold air. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and ate my bowl of cereal and picked up my bag and ran to school, terrified to be late. If anyone was late, they would be caned by a hard stick. The teachers never cared how much it hurt. They would just laugh at us. I ran into the classroom to find my teacher, Miss Spencer taking the register ‘Elizabeth Grace!’ yelled my teacher. ‘Why on earth are you late Miss?’ ‘I’m sorry Miss, I am sure that this will never occur again, I promise you,’ I said in my small, helpless voice. ‘Elizabeth you have been occurring this lateness of yours a multiple number of times!’ said Miss Spencer. In my mind, I kept telling myself to keep my mouth shut tight but I stupidly said, ‘That does not make sense because last time I remember being late was when we had snow.’ I said ‘Don’t

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