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Book report Storm Warriors Author: Elisa Carbone Genre: Historical fiction is a story whose characters and events are set in a real period of history. Summary: Nathan is a young African American boy, who dreams of becoming a fearless surf man with Pea Island’s Elite lifesaving crew. However, his father, a fisherman, doesn’t want Nathan to risk his life rescuing people from shipwrecks. Nevertheless, Nathan studies medical books and learn critical lifesaving skills. The hurricane hits the Outer Banks, and a ship sunk and was drowning. There were people in the ship, and the surf men rescued a baby boy, his mother, and two other sailors. Nathan’s realize that he could never be able to do what the surf men were doing, but he helped the baby and the injured sailor because he learned what to do in the medical books. Name of protagonist: Nathan, Mr. Etheridge, Mr. Meekins, Mr.Pugh, Mrs.Gardiner Conflict: The conflict of the story is that the surf men went rescued sailors whose ship sunk and were drowning in a storm, but it was hard to save them. Resolution: The resolution is that surf men could save everybody from the ship and Nathan helped the rescuers thanks to what he learned from the medical books. Conclusion: Nathan realize that he could never be able to do what the surf men were doing to rescue people, but he could use the knowledge he learned in the medical books and applied to the persons rescued. He was very bravery. Building vocabulary: Elite, critical, demolished, commotion, bundle, annoyance, secured, squalling, clammy,

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