Storm Of Steel Essay

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Ron Pattison Dotolo P3 Europe since 1815 8 November 2009 Storm of Steel The Storm of Steel is the memoir of an average German solider during the Great War. Ernst Junger, the main character of the memoirs, is a young, patriotic, and very self-aware young man who in encountering a new experience in his life. Through Junger’s eyes, we follow not only a young man as he progresses and learns during his experiences in World War I, but we also get an in depth view of a war the forever altered the course of history. Junger’s graphic and descriptive explaination of his observations provides the reader with both the horrors and fascination of a world war. It also provides incite on war displaying how a major national conflict connects with the personal struggles within those who are involved. Ernst Junger begins his memoirs describing his emotions and the emotions of those around them as they anticipate there first experiences in total war. Junger mentions, “We had come from lecture halls, school desks and factory work benches, and over the brief few weeks of training, we had bonded together into one large and enthusiastic group (5).” Through this description the reader can connect with Junger and his comrades by understanding there background and that they are regular hardworking people such themselves. The reader also can indentify that nationalism is a major influence on the people of the time and play a vital role in Junger involvement within the war. Pride is taken in their actions to help out the cause of their country. This idea is reiterated later on the same page when Junger describes a view shared by him and his group. He says, “Grown up in an age of security, we shared a yearning for danger, for the experience of the extraordinary (5).” Along with nationalism, this demonstrates that going to war also seemed as a right of
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