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Vir Sieunarine. The Heart Taking care of a dog is an immense responsibility. It involves training, nurturing and showing love and affection towards the dog. It has huge benefits as the dog will become your best friend and will show you love in return, as well as do its best to make sure no harm comes your way. However if you abuse your power as Hari did by mistreating, abusing and blatantly disrespecting the creature it will become your worst enemy. The dog will become afraid and will not want to be near you. It is a very cruel thing to do, but there are several factors which are largely responsible for the vicious behaviour Hari demonstrated towards his dog and I think Hari does not deserves to lose his dog. Harri was never an active kid. He was never good at sports and lacked fitness. He was especially horrible at cricket. “He could not run quickly, he couldn’t bowl he couldn’t bat and he threw like a girl.” He was also never a popular boy at school, yet he stood out in a crowed because he was fortunate and had expensive school supplies. But Harri was soft and weak, and was the preferred prey for the school bullies. Do you think any kid deserves to be bullied? Would you like if your kid had their personal items taken away from them? No child should have to go through what Harri did. He finally felt some power when he got the puppy and I don’t blame him for trying to be in control for once in his life. This is why Harri does not deserve to lose his dog. His parents had a major path to play as well. They did not raise Harri to be the boy who stood up for himself, who could make decisions by himself or who could even take on large responsibilities like taking care of a dog. Instead they just gave him whatever he wanted to keep him happy. His father changed his work schedule to give Harri a ride straight to school. He would even bring Harri home with him for

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