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Stories of Change Brandy L. McKenney Professor Robert Waldo HRM560 / Managing Organization Change January 28, 2014 Change in today’s world in inevitable. However, the process in which we implement change determines if change is effective or not. Change for organizations can be frustrating, exhilarating as well as satisfying, but is the process more creative or rationale (Akin, Dunford & Palmer, 2008). Are there specific reasons why organizations fail when trying to implement or lead change? This paper will capture the essence of how such companies like Hewlett Packard: Managing a Merger, IBM: Transformational Change from Below and Above, Kodak: Provoking Reaction and McDonalds: Responding to Pressure all addressed significant changes within their organization. We will first discuss the most significant errors made for all four companies and the ramification of those errors using John P. Kotter model of “Leading Change”. We will then make at least (1) recommendation for each change story that would improve the effectiveness of the change process and how the recommendation would have changed the outcome. We will also attribute a change image to the leading manager or director and explain why each change image is appropriate for each story. In conclusion, we will recommend a different strategy for managing change in each story and provide justification for the recommended strategy. Three Significant Errors and Ramifications Some of the mistakes organizations make when trying to implement major change today are the same. When companies fail to understand the images of their organization, it is likely that they will not be able to identify the metaphors or images or change needed to make significant changes and ensure that they are intentional achieved in the end (Morgan, 1998). The four change stories discussed in this paper all showed

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