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Stories Essay

  • Submitted by: leilei10
  • on September 3, 2012
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Black – Whole Number Problem Solving

1. | Mr. Wayne was three times as old as Colleen 5 years ago. Their total age now is 42 years. How old is Colleen now? |
2. | Sam bought a racket, a pair of shoes and a bag for $242 altogether. The pair of shoes cost $71 more than the racket while the racket cost $27 less than the bag. How much did the racket cost? |
3. | 5 books and 9 magazines cost $156 altogether. 9 books and 5 magazines cost $180 altogether. How much more does each book cost than each magazine? |
4. | Ryan has three times as many stamps as Hal and twice as many stamps as Jimmy. If they have 220 stamps altogether, how many more stamps does Jimmy have than Hal? |
5. | Lucy and Jean have 240 stickers altogether. If Lucy gives 10 of her stickers to Jean, she will have three times as many stickers as Jean. How many stickers does Lucy have? |
6. | Peter and Mike have 180 stamps altogether. After Mike gave 20 of his stamps to Peter, he had twice as many stamps as Peter. How many more stamps did Mike have than Peter at first? |
7. | If Amy gives 10 of her stamps to Robin, she will have four times as many stamps as Robin. If she gives 20 of her stamps to Robin, she will have three times as many stamps as Robin. How many stamps do they have in all? |
8. | 8 clocks and 5 watches cost $695 altogether. 3 clocks and 3 watches cost $300 altogether. How much more does each clock cost than each watch? |
9. | There were 476 paper-clips in. box A and 52 paper-clips in box B. After an equal number of paper-clips was added into each box, box A had five times as many paper clips as box B. How many paper-clips were added into box B? |
10. | An overnight package delivery service charged $16 for every, package safely delivered but would pay a penalty of $48 for' every package delivered damaged. If it received $9152 for a delivery of 600 packages, how many packages were safely delivered? |
11. | Peter, Tom and Vincent have 240 cards altogether. Peter...

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