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On a hot sunny afternoon, I couldn't think of anything to do. So I called my best friend Sally and asked her if she wanted to come over to which she replied "yes." An hour later she finally came. By that time my sister, Ciara was back from work. Three of us were really good friends. We have so much fun every time we're together. For three of us I made Mac and cheese. While we were talking Sally came up with an idea of going to Florida to meet Kaila our best friend and spend some time with her. My sister and I thought it was a great idea. So Sally had gotten the tickets for us and we were going exactly seven days later. I was absolutely ready for that day to come. Finally that day came when we were going to Florida. We got in the airplane and were very excited. Towards the beginning I was so bored. Then Sally said, "We should share stories that we know with one another." Later on I came up with a better idea that whoever tells the best story will get a ticket to Eminem's concert and a $50 Macys gift card. Both my sister and Sally loved the idea. My sister wanted to be the first one telling her story. Sally wanted to go second and I was the last one to go. "Oh my goodness. Both of you talk too much. Now let me begin." Ciara said. "You're really good at telling stories. I'm jealous". I said. "Everybody stop talking because now it's my turn. Here I go". Sally said. A young women named Lauren is married and is also a violin teacher. She is running the house with whatever she earns. Her husband, Jacob has not been able to earn much. This is the reason for his anger and frustration. He pushes his wife away because of the ego which has been growing in him over the years. Jacob finally gathers the courage and asks her to sell her house, and give him the money to invest in the business. She gets furious as her house is her only

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