Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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"stopping by woods on a snowy Evening "The lovely ,deep and dark woods. why does he call these dark snowy woods lovely? what we do associate with Dark and Deep? answer is the grave , graves are dark and deep ,but he love the grave why? because he has problem and he wants to die and release himself so woods are as a symbol of death. and snow and woods under the snow might be the symbol of beauty of death. Robert Frost's poem Stopping by the Woods symbolizes a journey of life and a movement towards death. Almost every single element in the poem in that sense is symbolic of something. The undefined traveller on horse-back reminds one of the knights of the Middle Ages in course of a heroic adventure. The cold and the dead of night and the frozen lake in the woods, the 'darkest evening of the year' --all these elements build an ambiance where the immanence of death is at odds with the indomitable spirit of love, as exemplified by the traveller. The owner of the woods is referred to but his name has not been mentioned. This can be a reference to the mystic and almost unnamable presence of god. The oath of the traveller to go on come what may, keeping his promises before he has to submit to the final call of death, an eternal sleep of sorts. The end of the poem is thus replete with philosophical symbolism. Through the descriptions throughout the poem, it becomes clear that the woods would symbolize the beauty and mystery of the world that most people are just too busy to appreciate. It is symbolic of the way that most people nowadays go through life – thinking only of themselves, being self-centered, and ignoring the mystery and the beauty of the nature that surrounds them. Setting: Winter Evening in a rural environment. First stanza In the first stanza, the setting is clarified as a winter Evening where the speaker desire to watch snow falling quietly in some
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