Stop the Clocks Essay

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" Grief and pain demonstrated in " Stop all the clocks, Cut off the telephone" and "Mid- Term Break." allowing the readers to understand what the speaker feels. Reading these poems both authors express devotion for another person." stop all....." is a poem where the author W.H. Auden was able to describe the feeling of love for someone special such as a significant other; whereas in " Mid-Term Break." the author Seamus Heaney shows his devotion to his little brother. "Mid-Term.." and " Stop all...." are two very different poems, yet in both poems the speaker expresses the grief for a love one. They show grief from two different angels in life. In Mid Term the speaker describes the coffin as been placed in the living room of their home , while in "Stop......" the speaker " bring out the coffin let the mourners come." "Stop all the clocks" a painful poem that expressed through the words. For example,"Silence "is a spiritual and plus cultural symbol of respect in memory of the love one lost. The speaker allows any reader who has lost someone to be empathic to the silence." .... cut off the telephone,keep the dog from barking,the speaker wants to be cut off from the normal element around them right now. life as they knew it was dead, "He is my north, my south, my east and west, my work week and my Sundays rest....." and hey want to die a little too. The speaker of both poems allows the reader to understand the grief and pain of a love one on an imitate level and also from a siblings' view. The tone in both poems are sad. Grief and pain are unpleasant and sometimes unbearable but it is a part of the circle of

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