Stop Gun Violence Essay

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Stop the Gun Violence Something must be done to reduce the gun violence in America. In 2011, there were 8583 people killed by guns in the United States (Rogers). Most of these incidents get little to no media coverage. Every so often there is a Columbine, Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook tragedy that gets the nation's attention for a few weeks but after that it fades away in most people's minds. Unfortunately these catastrophes are becoming more and more frequent. In their immediate aftermath people come out and want to ban guns. On the other side, pro-gun advocates fight tooth and nail to protect the rights of themselves and other gun owners. Ultimately very little gets accomplished. We as a society need to take steps to drastically reduce the number of acts of violence committed with guns. A very significant and often overlooked part of the problem with gun violence is the current mental health situation in the country. According to the CDC, when measured back to 2004 “lifetime prevalence rates of mental illness in the U.S. were around 50%” (Cesca). There are “deficiencies in the U.S. mental health system, gaps that can leave many people with serious mental illness and family members without an easy way to get the treatment and support we know can help avert catastrophes” (Akman and Goldman). “Until as recently as late 2008, mental health wasn’t required to be covered in employer-based health insurance plans… Most of our traditional health insurance policies still, to this day, don’t cover mental health medications and therapy” (Cesca). When most people think about a person’s health, their physical health is what comes to mind. People have yearly physical exams, but most people never undergo any type of mental health exam. Usually it is not until a person snaps that their mental health takes a higher priority. Guns by themselves don’t kill people;

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