Stop Blaming Kids and Tv Summary

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Mike Males describes himself as a unconventional writer of youth issues, and is a researcher for the Justice Policy Institue. He wrote the Article "Stop Blaming Kids and TV" about kids behavior and television is really just a scapegoat of parental and adults problems. Crime and Violence is not a issue that popped up out of nowhere, it has been around forever and nobody wants to take the blame for it. So, children and television are really just a easy scapegoat since they cannot really defend themselves. It's easy for a parent to blame little Johny's behavior on that violent television show, but is that really the issue? You have to observe the issues he is surrounded by and how he grew up. If he is growing up in a bad neighborhood with violence all around him, and say his brother is in a gang. Though it could be a contributing factor, is it really television's fault? Mother Jones says that since children will see, on average, 200,000 acts of violence on televsion before they are 18 it must be television's fault. But then, why is it in other countries children are exposed to the same televsion, but crime rate and murder isn't nearly as high amoung teenagers? So it can't be television, it has to be a different source in their life. It is no coinincedence that crime is higher in certain areas and within certain races, eventhough they are exposed to the same media. Even within the same cities, "murder rate among black teens in Washington, D.C., is twenty-five times higher than that of white teens living a few Metro stops away." There are many facts that prove that the media cannot be the issue in this situation. Also, it isn't even children being violent most of the time. Three-Fourths of murdered kids are not murdered by children, but by adults. Also, the suicide rate of black teens is almost the same rate as black adults. Media-violence can't focus its theories on
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