Stoning of Soraya Essay

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STONING OF SORAYA In this movie, an innocent woman (Soraya) is seen to be oppressed and harassed and also maltreated because of her husband falsely accusing her of adultery intentionally. Husband to Soraya is Ali, and they have two daughters and two sons. Sons are what Ali wants so much, and he had turned them against Soraya. He is an abusive husband and tries to get the Muslim man (Mullah) to persuade Soraya to permit him a divorce in order for him to marry a 14-year-old girl. Marriage to this girl is based on the condition that Ali saves the father who has been sentenced for an unknown crime. Then Mullah tries to convince Soraya to be his temporary wife while providing monetary and protection to Soraya and her two daughters. Plan does not work out as predicted by Mullah since Soraya refuses this offer. Following this incident, Hashem wife dies and Mullah and Ali talk to Zahra to convince Soraya to take care of the widower (Hashem). Zahra argues that Soraya can only do that if she is paid.The beginning of problems for Soraya commenced when Soraya started working for the widower. A perfect opportunity for Ali to start spreading rumors that Soraya was unfaithful in order for her to be stoned to death hence enabling Ali to marry again. Apart from this, it also made Ali be exempted from paying for his two daughter’s maintenance if Soraya was to be stoned to death. At the time of mourning a woman comes into the house to take property and Soraya stops her saying the widower (Hashem) will use the property. The same woman is found gossiping with other women about Soraya at the water standpipe that she has an intimate affair with the widower (Hashem). Her cousin Zahra intervenes and tells these women plainly on their faces that they like talking about other people, and they should stop that. The two men Mullah and Ali start to spread a rumor about Soraya’s infidelity that

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