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The book Stones In Water was written by Donna Jo Napoli, an author of children's and young adult books. This book is a wrenching novel of a boy caught up in a war he hates. This book offers an original perspective of Second World War and the Holocaust. The author focuses on a unique aspect of Italian history where children were taken to work in brutal conditions to help the German war . It is not only the story of how Roberto lives to tell what he has been through, but also how dreams and hope can keep a person fighting for life. The one- and two word titles of the chapters in Stone in Water mark the important things in the chapter "The Film," "The Train," "The Picks," "Wasser," "Stones," "Boots," "The Woods," "Cold," "Life," "The Sled," "The Boy," "Boots Again," "Under Bushes," "Fever," and "Stones." These simple words, if reread after finishing the story, will "throw" the reader back into the action of the novel. Stones in Water takes place in Italy during the early twentieth century. Inspired by true events, the novel shows a thirteen-year-old Roberto, as well as his brother and Jewish friend, captured one day by German soldiers in a movie theater.. The boys are unable to tell their parents what has happened to them. They were sent to a work camp. There Roberto's first priority is keeping his friend safe. His next priority becomes finding a way to escape and get back home again. This shows that this book is also based on friendship. Roberto and Samuele would do anything for each other . This book really brought out the true meaning of friendship. Most of all, this really showed what life was like in labor camps and it almost felt like you were there and living with them. Another thing that this book is teaching us is survival. Roberto did everything he could to stay alive. He ate disgusting sea creatures, slept in trees, and hid

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