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Nick Del Duca Research Paper The Stonehenge How and Why the Stonehenge Was Built What is Stonehenge? Pointless rocks all in a circle basically what it is. Very plain rocks, no art designs on them. Beat up rocks still standing. It doesn’t seem like too big of a deal right? Until you find out more about them. Nobody knows for a fact why or how the Stonehenge was built. There are many good hypotenuses of how or why and some of them vary anything to do with aliens to a worshiping spot. It’s unbelievable to think how people built this. Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England. It is a large circular rock structure. The types of the stone are Bluestone, Sarsen, and Welsh Sandstone. The stones vary in sizes to a few feet to a hundred feet. The stones weigh as much at 50 tons to an average weight of a human. Around the outside of the Stonehenge there is a 330-foot ditch circling around the Stonehenge. With a total of 80 major stones used to build the Stonehenge. The outer circle of Stonehenge is made up of sarsen sandstone. The inner ring of the Stonehenge consists of bluestones. Scientist has discovered the bluestones to be originally from Preseli Hills, Wales that is over 200 miles away from Stonehenge. It is mind boggling to think how people over 5,000 years ago transported these 4-ton stones such a great distance. These stones had to mean much more to the people, then just rocks. There are many different theories on how the stones got transferred to the building site and even how it got build. Some are the Wicker baskets, ball bearings, Stone Age technology, sledges, rollers and boats. There is some talk about Stonehenge become build but glaciers and even crazier theories talking about magic and ancient aliens building Stonehenge. As you may be able to tell nobody knows exactly how it was built. The trilithon horseshoe

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