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stonehenge The Mysteries of Stonehenge/ Project 1 Throughout human history, we have had many great minds. Intelligent individuals such as: artists, architects, sculptures, and many other people who are very important to the development of every civilization. They teach both present and future generations many things, and this knowledge, then, expands across history. Additionally, their works of art remain for present and future generations to enjoy and to admire. However, some artworks are not always recorded; great minds go undiscovered, and the mysteries remain. One mysterious architectural site in particular, is the mystifying Stonehenge in England. What little is known about Stonehenge, causes excitement and considerable curiosity. Stonehenge is one of the many wonders of the world. Its distinctive architectural structure sets it apart from other architectural sites. The individuals who erected Stonehenge did not leave any written records or any other clues which could help us decipher and understand the construction process, their culture, or even a purpose for the site. Today some questions remain, such as; how were these mysterious circles built? What was the purpose? What was the significance? Was it a religious, political, or perhaps a sacred burial ground? Or as many astronomers have come to believe, is it an astronomical observatory? Over the years, researchers have been diligently studying the site to reveal its purpose. Modern day research has only been able to prove that it is in fact, an accurate astronomical observatory. To this day, it is still unclear who really built Stonehenge (Wikipedia, par. 7). What little we know about them is that they belong to an era which predates written history and that they date back to the oral legends and traditions of the Celtic culture and ancient British inhabitants. The fact, that we do not know who

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