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Stonehenge Essay

  • Submitted by: boatnbet
  • on March 8, 2009
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One of our world’s greatest wonders was constructed sometime before 2500 B.C.   It is one of the most famous relics of prehistory in Europe. There are many mysteries and questions of Stonehenge that have remained unanswered for many years. There has been a great deal of speculation about who the actual builders were. Many myths concerning the purpose of this prehistoric structure point to its construction for the purposes of an astrological observatory or a religious site. Even though there are so many mysteries still not answered we can be certain that this structure required impressive amounts of time, energy and knowledge of engineering for these ancient people.

    Stonehenge was constructed about 500 years ago during the Neolithic period. It was built in three phases over a period of 800 years.   Before Stonehenge was created there weren’t any stones, only earth banks, ditches and timber posts. When the stones first arrived some were already arranged and the other stones were re-arranged in different ways.   There are two types of stones that make up Stonehenge.   The smaller stones are called bluestones and the larger ones are called Sarsen stones. The bluestone can weigh as much as four tons and was brought from about two hundred and forty miles away.   The other stone used in the construction of Stonehenge is the Sarsen stone which averages eighteen feet high. Rocks similar to the large Sarsen stones can be found some 20 miles from Stonehenge. Scientists named the most recognizable structure, the outer ring of stones, the Sarsen Circle. Inside the Sarsen Circle is another circle, of bluestones, and then a Sarsen horseshoe. The innermost structure is a horseshoe of bluestones. All of this is around a bluestone called an Altar Stone.

Stonehenge is one of more than nine hundred stone rings that exist in the British Isles.   Only two percent of the structures are true circles and the others are constructed in a variety of elliptical shapes. The stone rings...

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