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Bro Teacher English IV CP 23 March 2012 A Stony Mystery Building Stonehenge was a really difficult task. Having been built thousands of years ago, the creators did not have modern technology to erect the large stones. The world’s fascination over this World Heritage Sight have led to multiple ideas about Stonehenge’s construction and usage. Over the years, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Druids, Romans, Celts, Saxons and even extraterrestrials have been credited with building it. With all these different cultures, there are multiple purposes for building it. Some think it is a temple, others as an astronomical observatory, monument, cemetery, Neolithic computer and even as UFO landing sight. Although there are many unusual theories about the development and use of Stonehenge, evidence presented by Hawkins and other respected scholars prove that it is manmade and not in any way related to aliens. Being such a massive construction project for even our time period Stonehenge was built in stages. Radiocarbon dating supports the idea that Stonehenge was built by people over many years. Around 8000-7000 BCE early Mesolithic hunter and gatherers erected posts and uses the area as a burial ground. (StonehengeBrittanica) Nothing changed drastically between Stonehenge’s first and second stages of construction. Around 2500 BCE the sarsen stones were brought from the Avebury area of the Marlborough Downs, about 20 miles to the north(StonehengeBrittanica). The third stage Bro 2 occurred during 2470 and 2280 BCE. Radiocarbon dating indicates that the side ditches and banks of a ceremonial avenue almost two miles long were dug from Stonehenge to River Avon at some point in this period(StonehengeBrittanica). In the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages Stonehenge was completed. Stonehenge is located on Salisbury Plain near Amesbury England(Emmons). There are over 600

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