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Stonehege - What is Stonehenge - Where is it located - How was it discovered- who found stonehenge - Different beliefs of Stonehenge- What it was created/ used for - Who created stonehenge/ what stonehenge tells us about the peoples who lived there/ then - Historical significance of stonehenge - Contribution to archaeology (Tourist site) - Stonehenge is one of the most famous monuments in the world. It really is fascinating, surrounded by mystery and a sort of magic - Located in Amesbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom (Sailsbury Plains) - Said to be one of the most mysterious places on Earth - Built from bluestone and sarsen (hard sandstone) - Each of the stones differ in height weight and type of stone - Stonehenge has been analyzed by archaeologists and scientists for centuries to try and find the meaning behind it as to why it was built, when it was built and what for - Stonehenge has also been used by the people of Sailsbury near by as a religious monument - Stonehenge was once a full-circle, standing structure with different layers of stone in and around the outsides - Said to have taken approximately 1400 years to build - In the 1940s/50s Richard Atikinson proposed that construction occured in 3 phases - Stonehenge is located on Sailbury Plains, England. - Built/transported/made over 4000 years ago - Amazing achievement without benefits of modern technology (made by humans) - One of the most visited sites in England - Classified as a World Heritage Site - There are many stories on the origins of stonehenge, such as * 12th century: Geffory of Monmouth “African giants bought stones to Ireland and the wizard Merlin flew them across to England” * Visitors from outer space created the monument * Sun worshipers created it * 1960s: Astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins suggested Stonehenge was created as an astronomical observatory * Place of religious worship - Said to be as

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