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The Soldier + Peace Analysis Both the poems ‘Peace’ and ‘The Soldier’ are about the British soldier’s experience and feelings on the front lines during World War I. Both were highly influential poems as they were read out in church services and at the funeral of fallen soldiers. The two poems are both sonnets, with both arranged in the rhyme pattern: A B A B C D C D and both with the first stanza being an octave and last stanza being a sestet. A sonnet is generally a love poem; therefore, this form is particularly appropriate for ‘The Soldier’ because it is like a love poem to England this is shown throughout the poem. The key themes of the poem are death and love. Death, as he is a soldier going into battle, and love in the sense of the love he feels for his country. The poem is written in the first person; the soldier talks of his life and the possibility of death. The octet is based upon love for his motherland and the sestet talks more about after death. He feels that wherever an Englishman lies dead, on the battlefield, then that piece of land becomes a part of England; this is shown by the lines: “That there’s some corner of a foreign field That is for ever England.” He also feels that an English soldier is superior to foreign soldiers as exemplified by the lines: “In that rich earth a richer dust concealed; A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,” Where he says in that Earth a richer dust concealed, implying that they are richer than all not just foreign soldiers but also foreign land. The ground that he dies on is made better, because he has died there. It conceals the soul of a great man who died for his country. These lines, like throughout the poem, is full of iambic pentameter. In my opinion it is quite interesting that he used the word ‘dust’ because it could refer to the soil/land or another might argue that the ‘dust’ refers to the

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