Stone Cold Essay

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Stone cold Pages 18-30 1) Link arrived in midwinter 2) Job centre 3) He killed his first victim 4) He pretends nice. 5) He kills the homeless 6) He doesn’t do well Page 31-51 1) He’s angry, but not particularly unhappy. 2) He felt terrific, tough and streetwise- 3) He had his watch stolen. 4) The trap of pattern. 5) He says he’s the security. 6) They meet each other at a doorway, and Ginger is nice. 7) He smokes because it helps satisfying his hungry. Page 52-66 1) Because they get rejected all the time, then he became indifferent, and then it got a lot easier. 2) That he might just smoke as well, because he won’t be 60 anyway. 3) It’s cold, you can be peed on, you might be spotted by a gang of lager louts, psychos, bruises, headaches, toothache, fleas, lice and stomach cramps. 4) They made the exact same decision as last time, that they can’t give him a job, because he’s homeless. Link feels that it’s unfair, because he hasn’t asked for this situation. 5) Ginger suggests that they go visit Captain Hook. 6) He says that he owns a hostel, not far away. The magic number 7) The guy who took links watch 8) He has cut their hair and he’ll try to get them some new boots. And he has arranged them in the army way. Pages 84-101 1) He feels like he sees Ginger everywhere, just like his old neighbor Mrs. Chambers, whose husband died, and then she saw him everywhere. 2) He had seen Ginger talk to an old man, it had seemed like something was wrong. They were yelling something about “Link and hospital”. Link wonders because he isn’t or haven’t been in hospital. 3) Toya is Gingers friend who he was to meet. She hasn’t seen him since Thursday. 4) “The new me” is Link’s cool personality. 5) He sees her in a Café where he falls in love with her at first sight. And

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