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Comparing oneself to others, or trying to measure up to another’s socioeconomic status too often, can create arrogance in one’s personality. It is acceptableto be proud of oneself, or one’sheritage; however,when self-pride approaches an extreme, arrogance may shine through. Arrogance is powerful in a way that can blind one from the joys of life, leading one to spend an excessive amount of time comparing oneself to another. One may forget to chersish and be thankful for who they are and what they have. Excessive pride creates arrogance which may blind an individual from the joys of theirown life. At the same time, pride can give one a feeling of confidence which may help them to succeed in life. In the novel, The Stone Angel, written by Margaret Laurence, the protagonist, Hagar, is blinded by pride which is shown through her similarities to the stone angel, her upbringing from her egotistical father, and * In the novel, the stone angel represents a very symbolic form of pride which is a representation of Hagar’s life. Hagar describes the stone angel as “my mother’s angel that my father bought in pride to mark her bones and proclaim his dynasty,[…] Whoever carved her had left the eyeballs blank. […] she had been brought from Italy at a terrible expense and was pure white marble”(Laurence 3). Hagar’s description outlines the fact that the statue marks her mother, and rather, goes on to further describehow beautiful, blind, and expensive the statue is. Throughout the novel, Hagar appears to only care about the look and cost of the angel, and not the symbolic meaning of the statue, which is her mother. The fact that the haughty stone angel does not have eyes, symbolizes Hagar’s inability to see the representation of her mother in the stature. Hagar is only able to see and think materialistically. Further, when John died, Hagar was unemotional, failing to be

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