Stolen Car Archie Weller Analysis

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An issue faced by an individual with a differing context will encourage you to respond. A short story that implies this is ‘Stolen Car’ by Archie Weller which presents the issue of racial discrimination and presents the effects that being accused unfairly has on Johnny, the protagonist. Weller achieves this presentation through dialogue, imagery and point of view to employ that because of Johnny’s indigenous background he is treated unfairly and then in the end this discrimination pressures him into committing his first crime. This encourages me, a reader with a non-Aboriginal Australian background to realise that the importance of racial equality and giving everyone a fair go as I recognised the harmful effects discrimination has on individuals. Weller through dialogue demonstrates how the power was well and truly held by the white citizens and placed Aboriginal Australians in a marginalised role. Johnny in ‘Stolen Car’ represents the…show more content…
Third person point of view is manipulated to explain how the false accusations Johnny received caused him to be something he wasn’t, “He was free. He was in control.” By exposing that the unfair treatment Johnny received resulted in him to contravene the law, and therefore commit his first crime, it presents the idea that people change when they are pressured into believing they are guilty when they are not. It clarifies how it mentally affects the victim and causes them to change the way they view life and make confused decisions. Through illustrating Johnny, with a differing context, being faced with the issue of racial discrimination it encourages me to respond and believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter what their cultural context is as Weller has shown through point of view, the harmful effects that it has on an individual and how it can pressure them into being the opposite of what they
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