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Executive Summary The issues that surround the Ramsey “Ramrod” Stockwell case involve issues with upper level management. Mr. Stockwell is the vice president of production, is clearly the source of many of the problems that have occurred in The Benson Metal Company. Problems and miscommunications have arisen because Mr. Stockwell, whether out of pride or actual misinterpretation of the facts, acts in a very unconventional manner with his subordinates and coworkers. This case involves concepts centering on conflict and politics in organizational settings. Mr. Stockwell, vice president for Production at Benson Metals, is becoming increasingly uncooperative and difficult in the workplace. Mr. Stockwell is experiencing communication problems involving the sales department. The sales managers are frustrated with Mr. Stockwell’s uncooperativeness, and Mr. Stockwell has refused to supply them with important and relevant information, such as delivery dates, and production schedules. At Benson Metal Company, the majority of the revenue comes from the production of specialty steels. This is reliant on the skills and talents of the manufacturing branch of the company. Mr. Stockwell seems to be putting up resistance against others in order to protect his sense of integrity regarding his department. However, he is doing so by acting uncooperative and exerting his power in a negative manner. According to the case, Mr. Stockwell was at one time regarded highly in terms of production, and he expressed great loyalty to the company. However, Mr. Stockwell’s issues involve his own staff and other divisions of the company. Mr. Stockwell was not successful in delegating authority to his subordinates. Additionally, his subordinates would often as him for permissions, but he acted harshly towards those who showed individuality. Mr. Stockwell did not have strong interpersonal skills,

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