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The goals and objectives for the portfolio that will be developed for Stock Track simulation is to gain the sufficient experience with Stock Trak to be confident to soon enough make the correct decisions investing my own personal finances. Learning how to figure out how long I'd like to have my money tied up in a stock prior to me even choosing what investment I'd like to make. Planning to break down the time frames into several categories yet we will only be following this for the short term, having a goal that would be less than three months between trades, researching what positive news or product releases in the very near future could affect this stocks price positively. The next time frame would be less than a year, judging looking into the growth of the business to judge if it is a worthy investment or not. I'm unsure if this is fictional money is taxed but I'm pretty sure any You must Login to view the entire essay. If you are not a member yet, Sign Up for free! investment made and held for less than a year is taxed at the income tax rate but yet over a year is only a 15% tax. This time could be great to learn which is a strong steady investment such as investments Warren Buffet made to get to the position he is today. These "sure thing" investments of commonly associated products with great brand recognition globally may not yield a large profit over this short amount of time over the semester but there should be very little risk associated. Hoping to get a better understanding how to safely diversify my investments best as I can assuming the most amount of risk on investments as I am willing to take. Planning to investment the majority of this fictional money in securities because that is most of what I would like to gain the most experience in. Risk Tolerance Planning to take some chances and invest no more than 8% of my fictional

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