Stock Market Report

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Bombardier I predict that Bombardier stock prices will increase. Some of the factors that will give an impact to the price are: new products, good customer services, supply and demand, and major deals with another major company. New products (Global 5000, Challenger 300 and Learjet 40)1 will cause an impact to stock prices, because producing new products will motivate citizens to buy their products. In current news, Deutsche Bahn has bought 42 new double deck coaches from Bombardier Transportation3. From this news, I can see their will be an increase of the company earnings, and also, the stock price might go up. Good customer service will slightly help the company to raise it stock price, because it will encourage investors to buy their share due to the quality of service. Supply and demand will cause a shift of the stock price to either go up or down. For example, if Bombardier doesn’t reach the quota of sells for the certain month, then they will lose money. It might imply to fall in stock price. The converse is true for this. Major deals with another major company can slowly make an impact towards stock prices. For example, recently, Bombardier sold 36 regional jets to Northwest2. This news could either push the stock price to go up or down. Most likely, the price will go up. Selling their products can cause a gain in earnings, because they could get back their money the spent on the product plus an additional profit. Furthermore, the more deals this company makes with another company to sell their products can insight a stock price increaser with in a year or more. Therefore, these are the possible factors that can affect the company stock price to rise. Tahera Diamond Corporation I predict Tahera Diamond Corporation stock price will decrease. As seen from the graph4, the stock price has been dropping dramatically from
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