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North Hertfordshire College North Hertfordshire Assessment Centre MODULE 1 Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (STL2) TDA 2.3 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults (M1) TDA 2.7 Maintain and support positive relationship (no written task) TDA2.8 Introduction to Health and safety (M2) TDA 2.10 Support learning activities (no written task) TDA2.6 Help improve own and team practice (M3) IMPORTANT INFORMATION * Please email your assessor each separate task (M) when it is complete. * For all words in bold please see the unit records for more guidance. * If you do use a direct quote from a book or the internet list the name of the book/website and the page number. | M1 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults - TDA 2.3 1.1 Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people. Reliablility, openness, honesty, fairness, by listening without interruption, these are all ways to build trust and respect with a child / children. This enables a child / children to feel comfortable within your company, which in turn will allow you to provide a supportive and caring learning environment for a child /children to develop. 1.2 Describe with examples how to behave appropriately for a child or young person’s stage of development. Foundation Years Within these year groups our responses are more animated through our body movements and voices. Children at this stage learn more through playing games, role play, building, messy play and using there senses touch, sight, hearing and smell, to explore objects and their surrounding environment. When dealing with children we respond by getting down to their level and making sure we have eye contact, this way they feel less intimidated. Key stages 1

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