Stipulative Definition Essay

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Jasmine Everett Ms. Ravita February 27, 2012 # 2 Stipulative Definition Loyalty One would say that a loyal person is worth giving your all to. To me loyalty is the ultimate sacrifice. It is a strong feeling of support, commitment and devotion. Loyalty is a characteristic strait that only lies in very few human beings. It can’t be bought or misconceived. It is a unconditional love. Loyalty is the willingness to except all things in a person, place, or thing. The dictionary defines “loyalty” as the state of quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. However it is most valued because as human beings we yearn for trust, devotion and commitment. Just because one may display some of these things doesn’t mean that they are fully capable of truly being loyal. Loyalty can be shown in many forms towards different people in our lives friends’ family and your loved one. To some people family is the most important thing so their loyalty would be the ultimate sacrifice. The people closest to you always seem to hurt you first. Even still you would have to how trust so that it is given back in return. Your friends have been your friends since day one. There should never come a time where your judging them because of who they are, how they look or even what they may have become. Friends will always be there through triumphs and disappointments. Loyalty to your loved one is very different from your family and friends. If you tell your spouse that you truly love them and that no one could ever replace them; Stick to that. Over the years I’ve discovered that a loyal person is faithful and monogamous to one person in a relationship. So, you should strive to love one person at a

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