Sting Operations Research Paper

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Seminar on Police Effectiveness Professor Dr. Jim Frank Module #3 Paper Submission Presented by: James A. Nicely Question 2. If you were the chief of the Birmingham Police Department and Dr. Langworthy presented you his findings, would you continue to use sting operations? Are these operations effective? As the Birmingham Police Department Chief, and after reviewing the research conducted by Dr. Robert Langworthy, I offer you my conclusions as to this departments policy on the use of sting operations. What does it take to make a sting operation work? When putting into place a sting operation, the department needs to evaluate and establish various protocols as they relate to the goals and expenses of such operations. Such goals would include how the operation will effect crime rates, potential number of arrests, as well as public involvement and opinion. The other factor that will go into the using a sting operation would…show more content…
Does having an operational sting truly decrease the amount of crime? Or do sting operations actually increase crime rates? Dr. Langworthy in this study has two possible answers to these questions. One answer is that there was an actual increase in the types of crime being studied. And the second conclusion is that there was little to no effect in the actual crime rates during the sting operation Langworthy 1989). One of the next issues is the subjective outcomes from sting operations. Basically, what does the public think about our sting operations. Dr. Langworthy in this study concludes that the behavior of the police whether justified or not does influence public perception of the police (Langworthy 1989). Dr. Langworthy even quotes Manning from (1979:1510 to say that police are attempting to manipulate appearances while ignoring the likelihood that their tactics are not preventing crime (Langworthy
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