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Stigmata: “Stigmata” is a short story by Niall Griffith. The story is from the Post-modern period. The Post-modern period began in 1920, Post-modernism is a development of modernism it describes everything and nothing. Common sense and our vision of humanity are exchanged with philosophy and fragmented opinion. Post-modern literary is among other things based on Irony and intertextuality. In this essay I will find some Post-modern Characteristics and describe them. Simon is described as an attention demanding boy. He is compared to “Simple Simon” which is a nursery rhyme about a Selfish man, who takes advantage of others to get what he want. Simon suddenly starts bleeding from he's chest, hands and he's feet. He's classmates respond by throwing books at him. Even though he had lost so much blood, he was back in school three days later without a scratch. This short-story is written in several layers. The outermost layer is the story as a complete record, you read the story and understand it without digging in the individual words significance and intention. The next layer are the words hidden object e.g. The way the words bleeding and bloody are used. Normally these words are used as invectives, but in this context they are used as perspectives words both to the text but also to the Bible, which is almost the same concept. The last layer is the perspective layer, you can relate special sentences to other things. In this case you can put it into perspective to the Bible, The lord of the Flies and Simple Simon. The Title “Stigmata” is a Greek word, which means sore or stigmatize. The phenomenon occurs mostly in the Catholic churches, where believers claims that they have open sores on their hands and feet where Jesus got crucified. Sometimes they gets bruises on their head to, because Jesus had crown of Thorns that penetrated his head. The

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