Stigma&Discrimination Media Essay

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This essay will discuss about media, stigma and discrimination with regards of mental illness and ways to prevent these. Media is developed in form of communication which gives information and influences people to believe what is true or false with the use of technologies. In this essay I will discuss about the mental illness showed in the chosen media, “A beautiful Mind”. In the movie “A beautiful mind” is a psychological thriller which is about the main character John Nash who arrives at Princeton University as a new graduate and suffers from schizophrenia. His personality was unsociable and sometimes paranoid. However, John Nash is a very intelligent man and refers himself as mathematic genius. In the beginning John had a very few friends till his roommate Charles arrived. John always searched for new challenges to solve and satisfy society as he wasn’t satisfied with his current accomplishments. Five years later, John started teaching calculus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and he placed a difficult problem on the white board to be solved by his students. During that day one of his student Alicia Larde went to John’s office to discuss the problem as she solved it. Then they fell in love and got married. Then John went back to Princeton where he met his former roommate Charles and his niece Marcee. John is invited by William Parcher who is a secret agent of United States department of defence facility to crack a confidential code. Parcher gave John a new task which includes looking for patterns in magazines and newspapers and then he needs to place it in the mailbox. When John got chased by Russians which included shooting he became very paranoid and scared. Alicia his wife observed Johns behaviour and contacted the psychiatric hospital. While Nash was in the psychiatric hospital he told Alicia that the Soviets were trying to get information from

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