Sticky Tape Essay

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In the sticky tape lab it was concluded that since it was given that the gray plastic rod had a negative charge, any object that it repelled must have a negative charge as repulsion indicates charges. After experimenting, it was found that the bottom tape repelled the gray plastic rod, making the bottom tape negative. Since the top and bottom tapes have opposite charges, the top tape must have a positive charge. They have opposite charges because the top tape repelled itself, meaning it had to be positive and not neutral. The top tape repels the clear plastic rod, so the clear plastic rod is positive as well. The foil and paper are attracted to both positive and negative making them neutral. Since the foil had a stronger attraction, it's a conductor while since paper had a weaker attraction, it's an insulator. When the balloon was tested initially against the wall, it simply fell like any object would under normal circumstances but after it was rubbed against the hair, a change occurred as it began to "stick" to the wall. It was found that the board was a neutral conductor because a magnet stuck against the board when it was placed on the board. After the balloon was rubbed against the hair, it stuck to the board, indicating that it could possibly have a positive or negative charge, because both charges have an attraction with neutral objects. To ensure whether it's positive or negative, the balloon was tested against the bottom tape, which it repelled indicating that the balloon had a negative

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