Sti News and Updates Essay

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Senator Angara visits the STI Academic Center Senator Ed Angara, one of the most celebrated personalities who made Education a major platform in the senatorial race, visited the STI Academic Center last October 22, 2009. The senator looked into one of STI’s most important educational tool- the mobile school bus. The STI Mobile School is one of the supposed "crown jewels of the institution." Word got to Senator Angara that one of the advocacies of the STI Foundation is to help other places in the country get to know more about ICT through the STI Mobile School. The bus is equipped with 24 computers with LCD screens and is internet ready. It is basically a computer laboratory on wheels. He was impressed when he saw the efficient computer facilities inside the STI Mobile bus. Then he inspected the STI Academic Center by going around the four floors of the building. Being an educator that he is, he talked to some teachers and gave pieces of advice to students as he went around seeing several on- going classes. He also went to see the STI Center of Arts. When he got to the 8th floor where the STI Gym is located he was in for a big surprise. That evening the RP Youth 16 under the National Team was practicing. Their Coach Eric Altamirano is a familiar name to the Senator since the former was instrumental in putting the University of the Philippines on top of the UAAP Basketball scene back in 1986. Senator Ed was still the President of UP then- an impromptu reunion of sorts. Senator Ed was a former President of the University of the Philippines and has become one of the most respected senators in the country. He is also a friend of the Chairman of the STI Education Services Group, Mr. Eusebio Tanco. STI opens its door for new SEEDS scholars By Lomel D. Deldacan In order to help qualified students pursue post-secondary education through the
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