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Steven king has written many classic novels. His main theme has always been mystery, but his novels both frighten you at times and can tug at your heart other times. By using his talented writing skills, King can bring all emotions to the surface. In his novel Cujo, the reader experiences terror and worry and in The Green Mile the reader experiences sadness and empathy. In exploring his many published novels, I have discovered not only that King is an experienced writer, but also very talented at exploring many different genres of writing. Steven king was born in 1947 in Portland, Maine. As a teenager, he would come home from the movies, write a novelization in two days, mimeograph a few dozen copies and sell them at school for a quarter…show more content…
He comes in contact with Paul, a death row supervisor, and changes his life forever. John is convicted of murdering two little girls and is sentenced to death. When he arrives at the prison, he is greeted by a couple other prisoners and a handful of guards. He is a very calm and quiet person, unlike some of the other prisoners who like to cause problems. When Paul develops a urinary tract infection, John lures him over to his cell, and uses his healing powers to make Paul well again. He also uses his power to bring another inmates pet mouse back to life after a guards kills it. Paul is amazed and bewildered by John powers and the together; the guards sneak John out of the prison to cure the wardens wife of cancer. When they return to the prison, John "passes" the disease to Percy, and guard that like to torment the prisoners, causing Percy to shoot another inmate and fall into a catatonic state that he can never recover from. Paul eventually learns that John is innocent, but John chooses to die anyways because he is ready to escape the cruelty of the world. (King, 1996) The Green Mile is a good example of Kings ability to write in any genre. This novel is more of a suspense than his usual horror. Unlike cujo, The green Mile touches the reader on a more emotional level because the reader starts to show empathy for John the further into the book you read. While I was reading this book, my emotions where all over the place. One chapter would make me angry because of something Percy was doing to torment an inmate, and the next chapter would make me want to cry because it would be all about John and has struggle. I enjoy reading books like this because it keeps me

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