Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint

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Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint- Third Movement The piece is written for a live guitar, 7 guitars an 2 bass guitars (pre recorded) and Steve Reich wrote it for Pat Methany who was the first to perform it in 1987. The music is mostly in E Minor but some of the later sections are in C Minor. The piece begins with guitar 1 repeating a 1 bar ostinato. A feature of minimalism that can be found in the piece is contrapuntal texture (polyphonic). All the guitars enter in canon and all of them enter on different notes so the accented notes fall into different places, this is known as metrical displacement, an example of this is at the entry of the bass guitars. Note addition, this is displayed at the entry of the live guitar. When it first enters it is only playing some of the notes but the others are slowly added back and it plays the full melody. The texture gradually builds up in the first section with the guitar parts entering starting with guitar 1 which is followed by the live guitar, g2, g3, g4, bass guitars, g5, g6 and then g7. The resultant melody is produced when all other guitars have entered.. and when they all have the live guitar starts playing the resultant . At bar 36 the live guitar starts playing strummed chords building up but towards the end at bar 106 guitars 5-7 and the two bass parts begin to fade out leaving the first layer to close the piece The time signatures alternate between 3/2 and 12/8. A-B-CODA Structure The piece is divided into two main parts with a

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