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In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech to a multi-cultural graduating class at Stanford University. He appears to be a Theory Y leader who makes “a call to action rather than [providing] a comforting reassurance,” to fresh graduates (Jezebel). He urges his audience to use their time and knowledge idiosyncratically because their unique ways can open up limitless possibilities to success. In order to effectively encourage them to pursue their dreams, Jobs uses his imagination, passion, and persistence to share his struggles rather than, bragging about his achievements and success. From the very beginning, Jobs tells the anxious students to loosen up by saying, “Today, I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. No big deal. Just three stories”(Commencement Speech). With this, he divides his speech into three different parts, three different stories that converge at the idea of ‘doing what you love and vice versa’. Jobs’ first story is called “Connecting the dots,” and the audience is able understand the true meaning of this title, as the speech progresses. Even though the audience is familiar with the success of Steve Jobs, he breaks out of this mythical perfect image and shares his ill-fated story of being an unwanted child. After dropping out of his degree plan at Reed College, Jobs was saddened for not fulfilling his biological mothers’ wishes. But by dropping out of his degree plan, he started “dropping in” on the courses that seemed interesting such as, calligraphy. This is the first opportunity for the audience to ‘connect the dots’ because in this Calligraphy class, Jobs learned about multiple typefaces that he later used to give Mac OSX software a pleasant and unique interface. Jobs displays his imagination and passion as he tells the next story about “Love and Loss”. After being fired from Apple, Jobs was devastated but realized

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